The move of the ambassadors of the Five-Year Committee is in Lebanon’s interest

He hoped that “this committee will continue to support Lebanon until after the presidential elections, so that this country can regain its position and be able to stand again to be a beacon in this East.”

He considered that “the problem of the economy and currency in Lebanon is a political problem par excellence.”

He pointed out that “everyone knows exactly what happened, and he believes that the continuation of the crisis will increase the collapse of public and private institutions, banks and others, and the problems in the country will increase more and more.”

Osseiran pointed out that “the economic and monetary freedoms in Lebanon are part of the public freedoms and individual freedoms that characterized Lebanon, which is what attracted money in the fifties, sixties, and early seventies, so it is necessary to restore this stability and return people’s deposits to restore confidence in the banking sector, in absolute terms.” The state is responsible for the people’s money, including the Lebanese diaspora’s money.”


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