New details about the perpetrators of the Moscow attack, and Putin questions their motives

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Monday that the attack that targeted a concert hall in Moscow on Friday, and which was claimed by ISIS, was carried out by “Islamic extremists” who he said had tried to flee to Ukraine..

The Russian authorities are detaining 11 people in connection with the attack carried out by gunmen who stormed the Crocus City Hall, where they opened fire on those present and then set fire to the building, in an attack that left at least 137 dead..

The Russian President said during a government meeting, “It is important to answer the question raised about why the terrorists, after committing their crime, tried to go to Ukraine. Who was waiting for them there?”, while Kiev denies any involvement in the attack..

“This atrocity may be just an episode in a series of attempts by those who have been at war with our country since 2014 at the hands of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev,” Putin added, referring to Ukraine.

(Sky News)

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