Aboul Gheit welcomes the Security Council’s decision

Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, welcomed the success of the Security Council in issuing a resolution calling for, for the first time, an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with the support of fourteen members and the abstention of one member, the United States.

The Secretary-General confirmed that the decision came too late, after more than five months of barbaric and brutal Israeli aggression against the residents of the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that the lesson now is to implement the decision on the ground, stop military operations and Israeli aggression immediately and completely, and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid via the usual land routes, in a way that reduces the catastrophic deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, and spares its people the danger of imminent famine.

Jamal Rushdi, the official spokesman for the Secretary-General, explained that the resolution reflects a clear change in the international position regarding the aggressive war on Gaza, including the position of the United States, which chose not to use the veto, and that the next stage requires concerted international action in order to translate this resolution in a way that puts an end to it. To shed blood, hold the occupation responsible and hold it accountable for its crimes.

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