The yen rises and the dollar falls.. What about Bitcoin?

The dollar declined during Monday’s trading, in light of the risks of Japanese authorities intervening in the exchange rate and a Chinese government-led rise in the yuan.

The yen rose about 0.1 percent and reached 151.29 to the dollar in the latest trading, after reaching its lowest level in four months at 151.86 last week, and close to the lowest level in 32 years at about 152 to the dollar, which it recorded in 2022.

The rise in the yen helped push the dollar index to decline by 0.16 percent to 104.26 points.

European currencies regained some strength on Monday after their decline last week, as the euro rose in the latest trading by 0.19 percent to $1.0828, moving away from the lowest level in nearly three weeks.

The British pound rose 0.31 percent to $1.264 after falling by more than one percent last week.

The Australian dollar increased 0.31 percent to $0.6535.

Bitcoin jumped 5.4 percent to $66,900 after falling by about nine percent since recording a record level above $73,800 on March 14. (Sky News Arabia)

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