The British government is preparing to announce new sanctions against China

The Guardian newspaper reported that Oliver Dowden, British Deputy Prime Minister, is expected to announce new sanctions against China on Monday against the backdrop of “cyber attacks” in 2021.

The newspaper reported that the UK government says that “cyber attacks against members of Parliament, in addition to an attack targeting the Electoral Commission, where Beijing allegedly gained access to the personal data of about 40 million voters.”

Luke de Pulford, executive director of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (Ipac), said the UK government “has been too slow to respond to China’s cyber attacks.”

He pointed out that he was surprised that British ministers took so long to respond, especially given that the Electoral Commission had been hacked for the first time in 2022, considering that “with the cyber attack occurring in 2021, and the announcement of China’s connection to it now, it indicates that the government was somewhat hesitant.” “In saying that China has already done that.”

Conservative MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Tim Loughton, Stuart MacDonald of the Scottish National Party, and his colleague David Alton, who faced apparent hacking attempts, will hold a press conference separately after they are briefed on the details from the UK Parliament’s security director.

The four are members of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, which brings together lawmakers from a number of countries, including twenty from the United Kingdom.

The UK could impose sanctions on individuals believed to be “engaged in acts of state-backed interference, including attacks on the Electoral Commission.” (Russia Today)

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