Bou Assi: The “current” is “troubled” by its interests

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP Pierre Bou Assi, saw that the main players in the region are Israel and Iran, as the confrontation is evident today in Gaza, and the denial of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei, of any role for Iran in the “October 7” operation is nothing more than words that do not refute this.

He explained in an interview via “Free Lebanon” that “Israel intends evil in the south and the Israeli mood is one of war.” While Iran, at the first moment, attacked Pakistan, which possesses nuclear weapons and is demographically superior to it, before it responded according to the Pakistani style, and then proceeded to close Bab al-Mandab. Will those who want calm in the region do so?

He also considered that “by closing Bab al-Mandab and obstructing navigation in the Red Sea, the Iranians are trying to impose themselves as a primary interlocutor, and are also working to twist the arm of the Arab countries, which are among the most affected, along with Europe, whose supplies will be delayed for several weeks due to the adoption of the Cape of Good Hope route, and the cost will also rise.” Between 4 or 5 times. While this step has no direct impact on the United States.”

He continued: “There is Iranian relief because of the “broken” international community, and Tehran is not obligated to reach a settlement. I mention, for example, that the French President, in the midst of attacking the safety of global navigation through Bab al-Mandeb, announced that he had taken a decision not to confront Iran.

In response to a question, he said: “What matters to the Iranian party in Lebanon is Hezbollah and the front with Israel. These are two vital matters to him.” In Iran’s DNA there is the export of the revolution and the conflict with Israel, which allowed its export and gives Hezbollah great weight in the Shiite community and throughout the scene in Lebanon. Iran is counting on exporting the Islamic Revolution, and the “party” is the best example of that.”

He added: “Hezbollah is a source of strength for Iran, not for Lebanon, and it is destroying the state, and I am about to do so.” He visited Safa with the leadership of the Emirates, which we respect and have a close and solid relationship with, and brought with him political weapons that would enable him to sit with whoever as an equal. Unfortunately, there is international failure in this regard. What remains of the state after Safa’s visit to the Emirates?

He also stressed that the problem in Lebanon is purely political and not methodological and how to conduct a dialogue, adding: “It is not true that the Five-Year Committee calls for dialogue. I participated in all of Dr. Geagea’s meetings with the French envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian, who proposed the dialogue in the first meeting, but we rejected that and he did not repeat it again.”

Likewise, he stressed that “there is no country in the world that enjoys stability and prosperity if it does not ensure the regular functioning of institutions, the first of which is the election of a president of the republic.” Stability first is political stability. In Lebanon, the Shiite duo undermines this stability and is supported by the Free Patriotic Movement as needed. “Hezbollah” besieged itself and us in honor of the Iranian cause.

He added: “The party” recognizes the existence of a state and a state, and it considers that it is the state and what remains is the state. He is almost finished eliminating the Lebanese state, and the best evidence is Wafiq Safa’s visit to the Emirates. After controlling the decision on war and peace, here the “party” is in control of the decision to negotiate with other countries at all levels, including security and economic. Today, by disrupting the presidential election internally, the “party” takes the country hostage and places it with President Berri, who closes the prison door and has no other role.”

In response to a question, he replied: “The worst social situation in Lebanon is among the Shiites because our colleague, President Nabih Berri, and the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, burdened the branches of the tree more than they could bear, and they broke.” So the one who hurts the most is the one at the top of the branch. They were providing their audience with state funds through contracts, employment, and clientelism.”

Regarding the presidential election, Bou Assi explained that “there will not be a third candidate for the presidency of the republic,” adding: “With our appreciation for the efforts of the “quintet,” no one can influence the political course in the country unless he has tools. We are not inspired by the names of the big countries in the “five-a-side”, as the ball is in our home court.”

Regarding the chances of the Director General of Public Security arriving, he said, “I do not think that the nomination of Major General Al-Bisari is serious.” Hezbollah is still adhering to the nomination of Suleiman Franjieh, and I do not see what would force it to back down from that. As for those who say that the vacuum is putting pressure on the “party,” I remind them that the latter closed the country for two and a half years and did not care about the repercussions of that on the Lebanese.”

Regarding Bassil’s appeal to Christians to unite and swear by the blood of thousands of martyrs and Bashir’s 10,452 km2, he explained that the “Free Patriotic Movement” gave everything to “Hezbollah” with the aim of achieving positions and gains that do not mean possessing power. Today, the “current” is “disturbed” in its interests and not in the interests of the Lebanese or from a principled standpoint, so it repeats with the “forces” the issue of the Christian role and presence to cover that. Bassil is behaving with the “party” as many parties behaved with the Syrians before 2005, that is, surrendering to them to secure their interests.

Regarding the possibility of holding a table for a gathering of Christian leaders in Bkerke, he answered: “A previous experiment took place that brought together four leaders, but it did not lead to anything. With all due respect to Suleiman Franjieh, he does not have parliamentary representation except through one Yatim representative, while the “Forces” have 19 representatives, the “Plange” has 4 representatives, and the “Current” has 15 or 16 representatives. I fear for the credibility of Bkerke, as it is a heavyweight and a historic ship, and any maneuver to change course may continue to have effects for several years. I am wary of any step to implicate Bkerke in the political world, especially with parties like the “current” who have no credibility and whose only concern is to reach power.”

He concluded, “Unfortunately, there are no longer leaders in the world because they have become managers of their countries.” Politics is not the art of the possible, but rather politics is first about principles and defending the interests of sustainable peoples, and later there may be an art of the possible in practical steps.”


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