In this case, the electric generators can be disposed of

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zahle Electricity, Asaad Nakad, confirmed that about four thousand people do not pay the cost of electricity in Zahle, as a result of relying on solar energy.

He pointed out, in an interview with LBCI, that if the Minister of Energy is able to provide 12 hours of electrical power, there is a possibility that citizens will have the ability to get rid of electrical generators.

He stressed that managing Zahle Electricity is more difficult than people expect, and that what distinguishes Zahle Electricity Company is people’s trust in it and its willingness to solve problems.

He explained that the only Lebanese workers in the Zahle Electricity Company are Lebanese, and that they are all from the Bekaa Valley. He expressed his support for electrical decentralization.

He said: “Lebanon needs a dialogue table to discuss the issue of electricity in order to reach privatization, decentralization, or other solutions.”

He added: “Zahle Electricity installed meters on the lands that include Syrian refugee camps, so the landowner receives money from them directly and pays us the full amounts.”

“Banks surprise citizens.. What did they do?


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