We advise them to extend a hand of cooperation

The Owners Syndicate responded to the recent statement of the merchants’ committees, stating in a statement issued by it that “we hope that the merchants’ committees will show wisdom and responsibility in their response to the proposals of the Administration and Justice Committee regarding the new law for non-residential rents, and that they will realize the extent of the accumulated injustice against the old owners.”

The statement added: “We advise the merchant committees to extend a hand of cooperation in order to enhance the rental service, otherwise no one will dare to rent after today, especially after the loss of confidence in this sector, as a result of the injustice that has befallen the owners for more than forty years, and as a result of the positions of the tenant committees, for which they pay the price.” “Those who want to rent from the younger generation.”

The union affirmed, “We are facing a real opportunity for agreement between landlords and tenants, within the mechanism and program of the new rent law. Otherwise, we are facing a judicial process in the State Shura Council on the one hand, and facing a confrontation by the old owners that will not stop until we restore our right to recover our property by all available means.”

The statement concluded: “Public opinion has become widely aware of the extent of our suffering, and that merchants are selling according to the exchange rate in the parallel market or in cash dollars, while they pay landlords almost free rents, knowing that the crisis affects everyone and it should not be used as a vehicle from now on to oppress the owners and the investment.” In their possession for free.”

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