They appeared blindfolded and with their heads bowed…a video of those accused of the Moscow massacre

The Russian State Information Agency said on Sunday that the suspects in the shooting at a concert on Friday were brought in for investigation at the headquarters of the Investigative Committee in the capital, Moscow, according to Reuters.

Footage was published of security men wearing camouflage clothing taking the suspects out of a minibus, blindfolded and handcuffed, then dragging them into a building where they were placed in front of a wall with their heads bowed.

Russian authorities arrested 11 people, including the four gunmen suspected of carrying out the attack on a concert at Crocus City Hall, near Moscow, according to the head of the country’s Federal Security Service.

Men wearing camouflage clothing stormed the concert hall, opened fire, and set the crowded venue on fire, creating a state of panic among concert-goers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a public speech in which he described the attack as a barbaric act of terrorism and pledged to punish its perpetrators.

The Investigation Committee reported on Sunday that the death toll had risen to 180, including three children.

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