Continuing to suspend the strike…this is what the public administration employees revealed

The Public Administration Employees Association affirmed, in a statement, in response to Circular No. 2025/6 issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on 3/21/2024, supplementing Decree No. 13020 dated 2/28/2024, that “Public administration is the basic pillar of economic advancement, and activating administration is our goal.” Based on our human, moral and functional duty. We encourage every step that leads to the restoration of work order, provided that it takes into account the humanitarian conditions of employees in the administration. We also stress that the perseverance allowance must be applied to public institutions of an administrative nature, whose employees do not benefit from any special incentives, especially the state employees’ cooperative, with funds provided for them.”

He added: “Returning to the content of the circular, with our thanks to everyone who contributed and struggled to approve the decree and compensate for the perseverance that supplemented it, the circular included ambiguous points, and it must be implemented in a humane manner if the government wants to organize work, activate the role of administration, and avoid strikes.

First: It is in the interest of management to prepare monthly reports to ensure the smooth progress of work and remove logistical obstacles. However, these reports do not give some superiors the authority to deal discretionarily with their subordinates, and the employee who carries out his duties and fulfills the attendance requirement should by definition benefit from this allowance. It is also necessary to take into account the nature of the work of the departments, as each of them has its own characteristics and a different nature of work from the others.

Second: Commitment to the official working hours is required, and we reject cases of negligence that lead to disrupting the public interest. However, in return, we emphasize the humanity of the administration above all else, and this humanity requires taking into account the conditions of male and female employees, so it must remain mandatory to work for two o’clock in the afternoon only. It is valid on normal days, that is, after the month of Ramadan, especially since what the employee received does not reach 35% of the value of his salary and is not enough to bear the additional burdens resulting from staying after two in the afternoon.

Third: The issue of family leave, especially death leave, must be reconsidered. It is unfair for an employee to be deprived of perseverance allowance if he is exposed to such a circumstance.

Fourth: With the delay in appointments in the administration, the interest requires assigning some employees to tasks in the higher category, and therefore the employee must be given compensation according to the tasks he performs, while reconsidering the administration’s need for assignment decisions, and the necessary appointments must be expedited.

The statement added: “We cannot help but always mention that our basic demand is to cancel all these new designations and invented conditions, and to prepare a fair and just series of ranks and salaries between sectors, and to return to Legislative Decree 112, which clarifies the rights and duties of the employee, while canceling all allocations and contributions that caused differences.” Large among segments of the public sector.

Based on the above, and in order to demonstrate our keenness to activate the role of public administration, and to ensure that the humanitarian aspect is taken into account in implementing this circular while taking into account the interest of the administration, we announce the continued suspension of the strike for a period during which we can know the government’s direction in implementing the conditions of the circular, and that any arbitrariness in the implementation The conditions, especially the permanence, will push us to return to an open strike.”

In conclusion, on the occasion of the period of fasting and holidays, the gathering extended congratulations and greetings from all employees, hoping that these days will return to a better reality. (National News Agency)

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