Hamas is still a living organization

The Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post quoted Major General in the Israeli occupation army, Yisrael Ziv, as saying, “Civilian control of the land is still in the hands of Hamas, and the organization is still alive and beating.”

Ziv added: “More than 5 months have passed since this war without any predictable political goal, and even if we stay and announce that we are occupying the region, we will be the new government in Gaza. “The lack of decision-making on our part is the most dangerous thing.”

“The Israeli army knows what to do, but we are losing the war,” Ziv concluded. It moves without goals or direction. If you agree with the course of this government, the problems will continue, and if you do not agree, please make room for someone else.”

Ziv went on to comment on Canada’s decision to halt arms shipments to Israel, saying: “Israel is in the midst of a very serious international crisis. I don’t remember a crisis like this before. This is not only the result of a lack of support, but Israel is also experiencing a deep crisis as a result of the absence of policy. “Everything indicates that the government is not making political decisions.”

Ziv continued: “If we do not solve the problem in the south, it will not be possible to solve the situation in the north politically either, and the United States will not press for that.” She does not work for Israel. It has cooperated with Israel so far, but the United States does not agree with Israel’s policy, so why should it go the extra mile? It won’t happen. Therefore, Israel will remain mired in its own problems.” (Arabi Post)

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