Inside a landfill… 1.5 billion pounds of Bitcoin disappeared

£1.5bn worth of Bitcoin has disappeared inside a landfill, with security teams and cameras guarding the waste around the clock due to fears treasure hunters could try to unearth it after a computer expert accidentally dumped the cryptocurrency fortune in the bin.

Currency expert James is trying to recover a cryptocurrency disk from a landfill after narrowing the scope of the possible search to one area in South Wales, Britain, where 100,000 tons of buried rubbish need to be unearthed.

However, a strict security cordon was imposed at the Newport Household Waste Recycling Center in South Wales after the council refused to give it permission, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

But the dilemma is also where to start searching, as the small mounds of waste cover several acres, and they have never been able to find it.

Even if the council gave permission for the search, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The recent explosion in Bitcoin’s value means that if James still had his money, it would be worth £451,765,891, putting him on the rich list alongside Hollywood star George Clooney, musician Sting, and author Stephen King.

The landfill site is owned and managed by Newport City Council, which has an annual budget of £537.3 million.

If bitcoins continue to rise at the same rate, James’ lost fortune could be worth three times that amount by the end of the year. (Arabic)

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