Today we are in dire need of patience and to respond to evil with good

The Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Jawzo, considered that “forbearance is the characteristic of believers, and they do not respond to those who harmed them by harming them,” and he said in a statement: “It was narrated on the authority of Amr bin Shuaib, on the authority of his father, on the authority of his grandfather, may God be pleased with them, who said: The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said Peace and blessings be upon him, “When God brings together the creatures, a herald calls, ‘Where are the people of virtue?’” He said, “Some people will stand up while they are walking, and they will quickly go to Paradise, and the angels will meet them and say, ‘We see you rushing to Paradise. Who are you?’” They say, “We are the people of credit.” They say, “What is your credit?” They say: If we were wronged, we would be patient, and if we were wronged, we would be patient. Then it will be said to them: Enter Paradise, for what a good reward is for those who do good deeds. Narrated by Al-Asbahani. This is the moral of believers. They are patient in the face of injustice, and if they are wronged, their response is to dream of those who harmed them.”

He added: “Forbearance is the characteristic of believers. They do not respond to a bad deed with a similar evil, and they do not respond to someone who harmed them by harming him, because they rise above that. Today, we are not in need of patience, forbearance, and reciprocating evil with good, because there are many who harm sincere believers, and these people are patient with those who harm them, and are patient with those who harm them.

He continued: “And be patient with the condemnation of the mean person, for it raises your destiny by not responding to him with his meanness and the decline of his morals. And be patient, and your patience is only from God, and how good is the reward of the patient, and how many mean people are in our lives today and those who plot against the believers and conspire against them, and the response will be patience, humility, and patience.”

Al-Jozo concluded: “Our battle with evil people is long, and we pray to God to grant us patience, forbearance and patience until we prevail over them. Such are the people of virtue. And be patient with the plots of the envious, for your patience kills him, like fire consuming itself if it does not find anything to eat.”

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