Countries in the European Union call for restrictions on grain imports from Russia and Belarus

Five EU countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Estonia – are calling on the European Commission to impose restrictions on grain imports from Russia and Belarus.

This was reported by the German News Agency DPA Yesterday, citing a relevant document signed by the agricultural ministers of the five countries.

The document claims that Russia is using the profits it earns from exporting grain to the European Union to finance, among other things, its military operation in Ukraine, so the five countries are calling on the European Commission to establish regulations to limit grain supplies from Russia..

In addition, the authors of the document believe that the European Commission should generally study the possibility of reducing the import of Russian and Belarusian agricultural products into the European Union..

The German News Agency reported, citing data from the European Statistical Office, Eurostat, that in recent years, Russian grain imports to European Union countries have increased significantly, as it imported grain from Russia worth approximately 120 million euros in 2020 and about 290 million euros in the year. In 2021, the value of these imports reached about 325 million euros in 2022 and about 440 million euros in 2023.

( Russia Today)

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