Describing it as dangerous… What did a prominent Israeli official say about Hezbollah?

The head of the Upper Galilee Council in northern occupied Palestine, Giora Zaltz, warned in his interview with Israeli radio “FM103” of “a crisis in the north that may last for many years,” criticizing the Israeli government’s performance on the front with Lebanon.

Zalts said: “We feel that we are abandoned, and this is a reality that cannot be accepted,” in his comment on the major attack carried out by the Islamic resistance in Lebanon towards the occupied Golan at dawn, denouncing “the absence of any government plan to deal with the threats,” and the failure to implement the promises made to them.

Zalts stressed that “Hezbollah is the strongest, largest, and most dangerous challenge,” addressing Israeli officials, saying, “For this reason, you cannot deal with the north as a side arena.” (Al-Mayadeen)

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