Nabatieh celebrated Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Masses spread throughout the churches of Nabatieh. In the Church of Our Lady of Miraculous Deliverance in Kfour, processions were held and a procession took place through the church courtyard, led by the Bearers of the Cross. Children carried palm fronds, holiday candles and olive branches. The parish priest, Father Youssef Semaan, presided over the holiday mass and said in a sermon: “We celebrate Palm Sunday with joy.” We are happy and we ask God to save our people from their pain and tribulations. We are in dire need of peace throughout the world, and we in Lebanon are in dire need of love, happiness and joy on this holiday.”

In the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the parish priest, Father Paul Hanina, presided over the mass and focused on familiarity, coexistence, love, affection, and the children’s wrapping around the family to create the glory of the nation through future generations.

In the Monastery of Saint Anthony, the head of the monastery, Father Joseph Simon, presided over the mass and said in his sermon: “Today the Maronite Church celebrates the Palm Sunday event, which is the entry of the Lord Jesus into Jerusalem for the last time before his passion and crucifixion. This event carries many meanings, including humility, love and peace. We hope that these meanings will be fulfilled in each one of us. It is the Passover of death from sin through repentance and the resurrection of hearts to new life, with all the peace it brings within us and around us. It is the secret of the Easter passage to a life of grace and renewal in our personal, family and social lives, as well as in our national and national lives.”

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