Bkerke is continuing with its efforts, and the date for completing the discussion of the document is coming soon

Ibtisam Shadid wrote in “Al-Diyar”:

After a forced delay imposed by the Easter holiday, the Christian meetings are expected to resume their meetings to complete research on the national document that was drawn up and discussed in the first meeting in the presence of representatives of the Christian parties and in the absence of only the Marada Movement.

However, holding the next dialogue raises questions about its chances of success in light of the political disagreement that arose recently between the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, and the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, over a number of issues, including the dialogue itself. The head of the forces, Samir Geagea, described the dialogues as a matter of course, considering the issue of participation. In it, “it is nothing more than an attempt for the benefit of Christians and based on the desire of the Church, while it is clear that there is no point in dialogue, as each group remains committed to its convictions and principles, while the movement sees that dialogue is a vital and necessary issue for discussing issues of communion and Christian existence, and that questioning its usefulness is offensive to Bkerke’s endeavor.” .

The outlook varies regarding the possibility of the next meeting coming out with a unified Christian position regarding the entitlements from the Presidency of the Republic to the battle to exclude Christians in the state. Gathering Christian leaders around a unified position is almost impossible. It is not possible to invite rival leaders to a similar meeting. The Forces Party stands in its position of rejecting useless and sterile dialogues and adheres to the necessity of going to… The House of Representatives must elect a president through open electoral sessions, and most importantly, secure the approval of all Maronite leaders.

Many describe the Christian positions as attempts to monopolize Christian popularity. The leader of the movement seeks to rally the Christian nerve and escape from the political crisis he is suffering from, more than being concerned with confiscating the powers of the presidency or the rights and feelings of Christians and fearing for the sovereignty of the state. Those who oppose Bassil wonder whether he would call for a meeting if his presidential demands were secured and in The issue of appointments, on the other hand, those close to the movement believe that the time has come to come together for the sake of the Christian interest and to protect the Christian role in governance and partnership. The meeting of Christian leaders enables them to impose themselves and their agenda on the political arena better than what is happening currently, and also makes them able to achieve political gains before going to a settlement. Coming.

Christian sources confirm that Bkerke is continuing its reconciliation efforts and will soon set a new date for a Christian meeting to discuss the document that was drafted at the first meeting and includes major national headlines.


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