Noise in the skies of Israel… great terror and a looming strike!

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published a report in which it revealed Israeli fears of a possible Iranian response to the Israeli raid that targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus a few days ago, and resulted in the killing of a number of advisors to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The author of the report, Amnon Levy, says, “The 7th of October made him shake like everyone else, when Hamas attacked the Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.” He adds: “I was not afraid to walk around in the street, ride a bike, work, and continue life.” The fear in the region is specific and known, but this time things are different.”

He continued: “Part of the fear now is waiting for the Iranian strike. Planes are flying above us and making great noise, while we are monitoring the statements of Iranian officials and our senior officials…all of this puts us all in a state of anticipation and anxiety.”

He continued: “For many years there was talk of a direct confrontation with Iran, but we never witnessed it. “When I read in the newspapers about squadrons of submarines and cruise missiles invading the country, and when I hear that this is coming very soon, but there is no specific date, it paralyzes me.”

He added: “The greatest fear is that we are in the midst of a major catastrophe that we have been running away from for years. The major attack on Israel – Iran from the east, Hezbollah in the north, Hamas in the southwest, the Houthis in Yemen. Bitter, resolute and cruel enemies. “We saw some cruelty.”

Levy expresses his absolute lack of confidence in the Israeli government, and said: “I look at the movements of its leaders, and I am amazed at their actions, and I am amazed at their negligence. “There is no serious discussion in the Cabinet about the next day after the war.”

Translation of “Lebanon 24”


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