The Israeli army acknowledges that Hezbollah shot down its plane.. In which area did this happen?

The news of Hezbollah shooting down an Israeli Hermes 450 drone raised questions about where the operation was carried out, especially since the party did not announce in its statement regarding the incident any details about “the scene of the shooting that took place.”

For its part, the Israeli army confirmed the incident, announcing that an Air Force drone had fallen on Lebanese territory after being targeted by a surface-to-air missile.

“Lebanon 24” He asked Hezbollah sources about the area where the drone was shot down, and the answer was: “This was not announced due to military necessity.”

What is noteworthy is that before the party announced the shooting down of the plane, there was information about the launch of an Israeli interceptor missile over the town of Taybeh.

Talking about this missile and its coincidence with the announcement of the downing of a plane, it is likely that the scene of the operation was the Taybeh – Deir Saryan area, and the scenario that is most likely to come true is that the party fired two missiles at the plane, the first of which was intercepted by the Israeli air defense system, while the second missile was able to hit the plane. And drop it.

This happened previously in the airspace of the Iqlim al-Tuffah region – southern Lebanon. At that time, Israel admitted to shooting down a plane with a missile fired by “Hezbollah” after it was able to intercept the first missile it fired at the plane itself.


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