An American welcomes Israel taking responsibility for the killing of aid workers

On Friday, the United States welcomed Israel bearing “full responsibility” for the killing of seven aid workers in Gaza, with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stressing that Washington will follow up on the matter with Israeli officials in the coming days..

“It is very important that Israel bears full responsibility for this incident,” Blinken said upon boarding the plane following a three-day visit to Brussels. It is also important that it appears to be taking steps to hold those responsible accountable“.

He added, “What is more important is to be sure to take steps moving forward to ensure that something like this does not happen again.”“.

Blinken pointed out that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to US President Joe Biden to change his country’s military procedures to protect aid workers in Gaza in the future.

The US Secretary of State said, “We will carefully consider what those steps are, and how they will lead to better resolution of the conflict and better coordination to protect aid workers.”

He pointed out that the US administration will conduct a “very careful” review of the Israeli investigation into the killing of aid workers, and “we will discuss its conclusions with Israeli officials and humanitarian organizations in the coming days.”“.

(Sky News)

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