The European Union may re-evaluate relations with Israel if it is proven to violate the law

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the European Union must review its relations with Israel if it is proven to have violated human rights in its ongoing war on the Gaza Strip for 6 months..

Sanchez stressed to the Qatari Al Jazeera channel on Thursday that there must be an international determination to end the Israeli war and ensure a ceasefire in Gaza..

He said, “Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are moving toward international isolation with their strategy and the increasing death toll in Gaza.”“.

He added that he asked his Irish counterpart in February to review whether Israel was adhering to its obligations in the field of human rights in Gaza.

He stressed that “if the European Commission finds that Israel is acting against human rights in Gaza, the European Union must also consider whether to continue its strategic relations with Israel.”“.

Regarding the killing of 7 foreign employees from “Global Kitchen” in an Israeli attack on Monday in the middle of the Gaza Strip, Sanchez said: “This is unacceptable. We must condemn the terrible and dangerous conditions. These people (relief workers) are working there because people in Gaza are suffering from hunger and need food.”“.

Sanchez stressed that Israel must take measures as soon as possible to deliver aid trucks to Gaza, and said: “I will repeat what I said from the beginning, there is a need for a permanent ceasefire.”“.

He said: “Palestine must be recognized as an independent state as soon as possible and become a full member of the United Nations.”


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