The Resurrection of the Son of Man…a celebration of the Conservatoire in the Patriarchal edifice

The National Orchestra of Oriental-Arab Music, led by Maestro Andre Al-Hajj, commemorated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Patriarchal edifice with a distinctive vision this year on the glorious Easter, in a celebration entitled “Jesus, Son of Man,” under the patronage and presence of Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, and at the invitation of the President of the National Institute. Higher Music Conservatory – Heba Al-Qawwas.

The evening began with a piece of music by Maestro Andre Al-Hajj titled “The Evening,” at the opening of the musical program in which the charming conductor excelled in conducting, arranging, and writing music. He directed the orchestra with the precision of delicate details, and with the fluid harmony between the instruments and the precision of balance established by his skillful stick as it pursued the notes and distributed them elegantly, demonstrating The spirituality of the musical work in its deep connotations, adding a new dimension to the Eastern leadership and its musical distribution, which constitutes the beginning of a new phase for the National Orchestra of Oriental Arab Music in its upcoming project.

In a speech she delivered, the President of the Conservatory, Heba Al-Qawas, pointed out that “our institute has witnessed important achievements represented by the great returns of many of its musical, educational, instrumental and orchestral departments and wings. As in all successes, there are those who are present to lend a hand to achieve the goals.” All gratitude to those who contributed to these returns, through his great support and supportive presence, namely, His Excellency the Minister of Culture, Judge Muhammad Wissam Al-Murtada. Likewise, with unconditional support and belief in our national message, it was a gesture of love and support for the country of President Najib Mikati. How can I forget those who struggled, worked hard, and made an exceptional effort to achieve this return? All greetings, love, and thanks to the Institute’s professors, musicians, administrators, and all the workers at the Conservatory. Thus, we were able to restore life to this ancient institute, by returning to education, and the return of the National Philharmonic Orchestra last November, to carry out its concerts and activities, as well as the return of the National Orchestra of Oriental Arab Music last February, after the institute, with its departments and orchestras, had been suspended since the year. 2019”.

She added: “In our evening, we renew the link and message between Lebanon’s spiritual and cultural edifices, in consecration of our belonging to Lebanon’s civilization, thought and radiance, as we celebrate two great and dear occasions for all Lebanese: the glorious Easter and the blessed month of Ramadan. This spiritual meeting between the heavenly religions, which established the uniqueness of Lebanon in the entire world. We present this meeting today from the rock of Bkerke, witness to the unique national humanitarian icon, and the bearer of the torch of the ancient Maronite heritage as a model for the world to emulate, from its first patriarch, Mar John Maron, all the way to our master, Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rai.”

Al-Qawwas continued: “Our meeting today is in the time of resurrection and hope, and we are in great need of the true resurrection for tired souls thirsty for the water of life. For the souls longing for tranquility and peace, after the path of Calvary we have walked with its pains, illnesses, and torments, and our gazes are fixed on the light that shines in our hearts from His holy call: “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
She concluded: “I extend my thanks and gratitude to His Beatitude Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, for embracing and sponsoring this celebration, and for his faith in our institute.” I hope that God will protect my son,
In the hope of the new resurrection of Lebanon in the glorious resurrection of Christ.”

For his part, Patriarch Al-Rahi said: “We say to Dr. Heba, the musicians, singers, actors, and the administration, you took us up, up, up, up, and now we are making an emergency landing, after we were there in the utmost happiness. Now we will return to our society, which needs a lot to rise, but as long as we have the National Higher Institute of Music and as long as we have an orchestra like this, there is no fear. The Lebanese are known throughout the world, and the world bears witness that they learned art and music from Lebanon. This message will not end and will not stop. But in our hearts there is a wound. We wished that Lebanese politics were compatible with this reality that we lived tonight, but unfortunately there is a deep gap between our world of art and talent and the political world. We are facing a group from another world, a deep gap between us and them.

He pointed out, “We celebrated the resurrection of the Son of Man, this beautiful expression that Jesus loved very much. He used to call himself “Son of Man,” and he never once said “Son of God” at all, because his concern was to live exactly like a human, except for sin, and his concern was to He tells a person how to be a human. As long as Jesus Christ the man rose, every human being is called to rise to a new life, and this is our great hope. Two thousand years ago, Christ rose, and now it is our turn, because if we do not rise to a better life, to the beauty of life, to the beauty of politics, to the beauty of the economy, and to the beauty of the national family, “it will have passed away” as if the resurrection happened in the past. The Resurrection is an event that should happen every day in each of us.”

The shepherd concluded: “Dr. Heba, once again, I tell you, you gave us the most beautiful gift tonight, and we will return to the valley of tears saying, I wish this celebration would never end, Christ has risen.”

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