They want to transform aid to Ukraine from voluntary to mandatory for NATO member states

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that they want to transform military assistance to Ukraine from voluntary to mandatory.

Lavrov said, during a round table at the ambassadorial level, regarding the Ukrainian settlement: “They now want to transform voluntary military assistance to Ukraine into obligatory military assistance under the roof of NATO. They force all NATO members, through strict discipline, to sign the mandatory provision of funding and weapons to the Kiev regime.”

He stressed that “this is happening with the sole goal, so that Ukraine can continue fighting with Russia.”

Lavrov added that Ukraine will have nothing to offer the United Nations on the issue of human rights, so it is shirking this responsibility.

He continued: “Until recently, no country had independently evaded such a universal periodic review. But now the Kiev principle of global coverage has been discredited. “They don’t want to report on how Ukrainians respect human rights, especially since they present themselves as the perfect fighter against human rights, because they know they have nothing to report.”

He noted that since 2008, the United Nations has carried out global monitoring of the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – a comprehensive periodic review within the framework of the Human Rights Council. The Minister stressed that every member state of the United Nations, without exception, is subject to inspection on the basis of the principle of rotation.

Lavrov stressed that the Human Rights Council, under pressure from the West, decided to allow Ukraine not to submit a report on the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2023, as was supposed, and the report was postponed to 2027.

Lavrov also stressed that Ukraine has openly become a terrorist state that terrorizes citizens inside and outside the country.

Regarding the attack in the “Crocus” complex, Lavrov said that Ukraine’s involvement in many terrorist attacks on Russian territory, including in the hall of the “Crocus” complex, is beyond doubt. (Sputnik)


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