Maryam Al-Bassam assaults journalist Dima Sadiq during a funeral. What are the details?

Maryam Al-Bassam, director of news at Al-Jadeed Channel, assaulted the journalist Dima Sadiq at a funeral gathering in front of all the attendees.

In the details, when my colleague Sadiq was present at a funeral for a family from the southern town of Joya in a funeral hall in a building in the Verdun area, she was surprised to find Maryam Al-Bassam standing in front of her without any introductions, as Al-Bassam began cursing Sadiq loudly in front of all the attendees, screaming, “I want your husband, I want your knowledge.” Ethics, I want to teach you how to insult me, I want to teach you to stop lying! She was only sincere when she said to her, “Please, we are in a funeral. I hope that out of respect for the people of the funeral, you will stop screaming.” She was only smiling when she shouted more among the people who gathered around her, “You know respect. You need someone to teach you respect so that you can stop lying.” ! Then Sadiq repeated her words, “Please, out of respect for the sanctity of death, stop.” Then Al-Bassam lost her mind and began to scream even more. The mourners did not intervene, asking Al-Bassam to immediately stop screaming, directing her to say, “What you are doing is shameful, we will not accept it.” And when Al-Bassam did not respond, Some people intervened and grabbed her by the arm, asking her to stay away from Dima. Al-Bassam forced her to move away and sat far away, amidst the astonishment and condemnation of all attendees.

The matter did not end here, as Al-Bassam remained lurking around Dima and waited for her to leave in order to continue her attack on her outside the funeral hall. This caused confusion in the funeral, so the family of the deceased intervened again, asking Dima to stay until they were sure that Al-Bassam had completely left the Verdun area, where the funeral was being held!

Source: LebanonOn


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