The death toll rises in attacks on security headquarters in southeastern Iran… and a hostage being taken

On Thursday, Iranian media reported that the Iranian Interior Ministry announced that 8 militants had been killed so far in attacks on Revolutionary Guard headquarters in the southeast of the country.

The Iranian Interior Ministry said that the gunmen are holding a hostage inside one of the security headquarters that they attacked on Wednesday evening, and that it is acting with extreme caution to save the hostage’s life, about which no details have been revealed.

The Interior Ministry considered that the attack, which the opposition “Army of Justice” group accuses of launching on the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard and the Navy in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan with the aim of capturing or killing its members, “faced a complete failure.”

Before that, the IRNA news agency reported that the death toll from attacks on two security points in southeastern Iran had risen to 5 security personnel.

The agency indicated that among the dead were a soldier, a member of the Revolutionary Guards, and a person it described as a “terrorist,” in addition to two members of the Internal Security Forces in Chabahar, south of Sistan and Baluchtan province.

The agency reported that 5 of what it described as “terrorists” were killed in the attacks, adding that security forces were besieging the militants, but the Interior Ministry later announced that there were 8 militants killed.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs, Sayed Majeed Mir Ahmadi, was quoted as saying, “The simultaneous operations of the terrorists in Chabahar and Rask failed as they were confronted by the security forces and law enforcement.” Mir Ahmadi added, “The terrorists who attacked the Revolutionary Guard headquarters in Chabahar were defeated and took refuge in the neighboring building, and there are four terrorists trapped.”

On Wednesday evening, Iranian media reported that three security personnel and two gunmen were killed, and three others were wounded in an attack on two military points in the southeast of the country.

Iranian media published, through its account on the “X” platform, footage showing people carrying machine guns and taking cover in cars on the street amid sounds of gunfire, saying that it was an exchange of fire between security forces and militants.

Iranian media reported earlier today that an attack took place on two military centers in the center of the city of Chabahar, southeastern Iran, one of which was a police station, noting that the attack was carried out by elements linked to the “Army of Justice” opposition group.

The “Army of Justice” called on citizens to stay away from the site of the clash in the cities of Chabahar, Rasak, and Sarbaz, and to return to their homes. (Arabic)


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