“Electricité du Liban” confirms: 15 cents per kilowatt

In response to a news item within the “Secrets” angle reported by “Call of the Nation,” the EDL media office said that “with the aim of covering expenses outside the framework of the purchase law and covering the cost of political recruitment,” the EDL deliberately exaggerated the pricing of the kilowatts of energy produced. In the Kadisha factories, which are 99% owned by the same institution, at a price of 15 cents per kilowatt, while the price per kilowatt for other concessions is 2 cents, all tenders and purchases that take place are carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement Law as published on the Public Procurement Authority’s website.

He added that, “contrary to what was reported in the news, and despite the gross shortage in the technical and administrative staff, there has been no employment in the Electricité du Liban nor in the Kadisha for many years. In addition, the purchase of energy by the Kadisha (and not the sale) From the Kadisha to the corporation, as stated in the news, it is carried out at a price of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour according to a detailed financial study showing the average selling price of a kilowatt-hour to the public and all the various operational and administrative costs within the scope of the Kadisha, approved by the Boards of Directors of the Lebanon Electricity and the Kadisha, and ratified by the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Energy. The finances are in accordance with the rules and can be viewed in full by anyone who wishes.”

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