The ambassador of a major country visits Sidon.. What did he do there?

The Mayor of Sidon, Hazem Khader Badie, received in his office at the Municipal Palace the Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Rudakov, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor, Abdullah Kanaan and Radwan Al-Masry.

During the meeting, ways of cooperation and strengthening joint relations were reviewed. Ambassador Rudakov briefed Badie on the repercussions of the Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon and various Lebanese regions, and their impact on the city of Sidon and its region.

Also, Badie presented the emergency plans that the municipality is preparing, in cooperation with civil society organizations and under the supervision of the Governor of the South, Mansour Daou, in order to confront possible repercussions or developments.

Rudakov congratulated Badie on the approaching occasion of Eid al-Fitr, noting the various activities of “Sidon, a Ramadan City,” which distinguish the city of Sidon during the holy month of Ramadan.

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