The region is on the verge of Iranian response… Will the war expand?

It was stated in the electronic “Al-Anbaa”:

The region is living in the repercussions of the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, and while Iran, from the top of the pyramid, i.e. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has threatened a harsh response, attention is turning to Iranian revenge against Israel, the scope of this revenge and its consequences for the region.

The Lebanese fear that the Iranian response to the Israeli attack will come from southern Lebanon, that is, through “Hezbollah,” and the country will be dragged into a war with undesirable consequences. However, by returning to historical experiences, “Hezbollah” did not carry out any operation against Israel in response to the attack. On Iran, the responses, regardless of their size, were always Iranian.

Even observers do not expect a response on the scale of the attack, based on the fact that Israel is trying to escalate the intensity of the regional clash and expand the war, and Iran does not want to slide into fierce wars that will have devastating results regardless of the identity of the winner and loser, and therefore Iran will try to absorb what happened.

Researcher and political analyst, Amin Bashir, in an interview with the electronic newspaper Al-Anbaa, ruled out a wide and comprehensive war, and said that Hezbollah and Iran are passing the time until the American elections and settlement, and will not slide into a wide war. In return, Israel is exploiting this reality to carry out assassination operations that reduce… It reduces pressure in the region and improves its image before its people.

Bashir expects the continuation of the policy of assassinations and specific operations adopted by Israel in the coming period, especially since experiences prove that Israel is capable of breaching the security of Iran’s leaders and its allies through technological development, satellites and drones.


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