Iran does not want a direct conflict with Israel or America. This is what a British newspaper revealed

The British newspaper “Financial Times” reported on an Iranian official saying that Tehran does not want a direct conflict with Israel or the United States, in the wake of the bloody attack that targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which was followed by Arab and international condemnations, and an Iranian vow to respond.

The Iranian official told the newspaper, “Given the nature of the attack on our consulate in Damascus, there is tremendous pressure for us to respond.”

The Iranian official explained that “the strike in Damascus only means that Israel wants to drag Iran into a conflict,” according to the Financial Times.

The Iranian Supreme Leader and senior officials in Tehran vowed to respond to the killing of prominent Revolutionary Guard leaders in the Damascus attack, while an Iranian delegation headed to Damascus to investigate the circumstances of the attack.

There were reports that the Iranian consulate in Damascus was subjected to an attack, which Israel was said to be behind.

The attack resulted in deaths and injuries, and among those killed was the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Muhammad Reza.

Last Monday, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari revealed that what was targeted in Damascus was a military building belonging to the Quds Force and not a consulate or embassy.

Speaking to CNN, the Israeli army spokesman accused Iran of working during the past six months to escalate the region.

This comes as the New York Times quoted Israeli sources as saying that Israel was behind the Damascus attack. (Sky News)

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