The differences are great between America and Israel. This is what Axios revealed

Axios reported, quoting US President Joe Biden, as saying that the Israeli government did not do enough to protect aid workers in Gaza during its war in the Strip.

The US President called on Israel to make more efforts to protect them.

Biden expressed his anger over the killing of 7 aid workers at the World Central Kitchen Foundation after they were targeted by the Israeli army.

He stressed that the investigation conducted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government into the incident must be rapid, lead to accountability, and have its results published publicly.

The news site indicated that there are major differences between the United States and Israel regarding the Rafah operation, adding that the American-Israeli differences emerged during the virtual meeting regarding the process of evacuating residents from Rafah.

Axios said that the Israeli and American sides held serious discussions with the aim of reaching an understanding regarding the Rafah operation despite the differences.

The website “Axios” added that the American side informed Israel that the evacuation process from Rafah might take 4 months, but Israel refused.

For its part, the newspaper “Politico” quoted an American official as saying that the Israeli attack that targeted relief workers in Gaza appeared to be deliberate, in reference to the attack that led to the killing of 7 humanitarian workers from the “World Central Kitchen” in Gaza, while they were serving food. For starving civilians in the midst of war.

The newspaper added, quoting the American official, that “the attack on aid workers included 3 strikes on 3 cars.” (Sky News)

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