Will the quintet be the guarantor of dialogue?

Salah Salam wrote in “Al-Liwaa”: Christian-Christian dialogue in Bkerke fell into the pitfalls of partisan differences and personal sensitivities. Parliamentary consultation efforts collided with an iceberg called the Shiite duo. The opposition groups are still scattered, the change group is lost, and the ambassadors of the quintet are content with giving advice to the Lebanese patient, without delving into the necessary surgical operations, to save what can be saved before it is too late.

There is no solution to the complex of confidence in the required dialogue except with the direct intervention of the ambassadors of the quintet by providing the necessary guarantees for the dialogue map in all its stages, the end of which must reach the election of the President of the Republic, in successive sessions, and within a specific time period.

Experience has proven that Lebanese-Lebanese dialogues do not lead to the desired results if they are not conducted under external, Arab or international sponsorship, and often both together, as happened in the Taif Agreement, which ended the Black War, and as happened in the Doha Agreement, which saved the country from war. Internal affairs whose first spark appeared in Beirut.
In light of the inability of both the opposition and resistance groups to deliver their respective candidates to Baabda Palace, dialogue between the two factions has become an absolute necessity, if we are looking for a formula with no winner or loser, and reaching a balanced national settlement that guarantees a degree of internal stability. Which is considered the cornerstone of rising from the swamp of the current crises.
But this round of dialogues may follow the previous ones that took place in the House of Representatives and Baabda Palace, if it does not have external sponsorship, that is, through the Five-Year Committee, and the guarantees it can provide to all parties, that the results that will be reached will not be in the interest of the team against. Another, as much as it will be a balanced formula, and forms the basis for the return of the state, and the return of everyone to the embrace of the state.
Perhaps the first steps paving the way for the rescue dialogue are to disengage the presidential entitlement from the Gaza war, and seriously consider implementing the provisions of International Resolution 1701, cooling the southern front, removing the specter of open war from the country, and putting Lebanon’s interest first and above all other slogans and speeches.
Will the five-member committee be the guarantor of the results of the dialogue between the Lebanese?

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