“You are a traitor to your people.” Demonstrations demanding Netanyahu’s departure

Thousands of Israelis, including a number of relatives of hostages held in Gaza, demonstrated on Tuesday evening, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of “betraying” popular trust.

Former Labor Prime Minister Ehud Barak called for holding “elections now,” warning that “the entry into Rafah will happen within a few weeks, but the elimination of Hamas will not take place before a few months, and while waiting for that, the hostages will return in coffins,” considering that “even if The release of the hostages required a ceasefire, as crushing Hamas was possible.”

Einav Zangawker shouted on the radio, addressing Netanyahu: “You are waging a campaign against me, against the families of the hostages. You have turned against us.” You are a traitor to your people, to your voters, and to the State of Israel.”

Matan, Zangawker’s son, has been detained since the Hamas attack on October 7, which sparked the war in the Gaza Strip.

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