Dialogue to elect the president is a confiscation of the will of the people

Representative Osama Saad considered that “dialogue is required and important, but not to elect the President of the Republic,” asking: “What is dialogue about, and what is its agenda?”

He called on the House of Representatives to elect the president in accordance with what is imposed and stipulated by the Constitution, and as permitted by the balance of power within it.

He pointed out that “if the representatives are not able to elect the president in the first session that is held, let the forces consult among themselves regarding the President of the Republic,” asking: “How can they succeed in the House of Representatives in achieving issues and other matters, while the presidency obstructs and complicates matters?”

He said: “We are living in a bitter reality. The sectarian and denominational positions in Lebanon are disastrous. Sometimes they fight and at other times they come to an understanding, and the damage always falls on the people in both cases.”


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