Why is the Israeli Defense Minister worried about the party’s Secretary General?

The “Arabi 21” website reported that the Hebrew news website “Ynet” said that “Defense Minister Yoav Galant is thinking about how to prepare the Israelis if a comprehensive war breaks out with Lebanon.”

The website explained in its report, “If we assume that Israel is responsible for the killing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a real need will arise to fully prepare the people for a large-scale confrontation with Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors.”

According to the website, “Last Thursday, Gallant instructed officials to conduct a survey of how the public perceives the possibility of war, to determine the best ways to provide information in preparation for such a possibility.”

The website stated, “There is a consensus among officials on the need for a public campaign, although what it will include is still under discussion.”

He continued, “The Minister of Defense is concerned not only about the Israeli public’s reaction to the growing possibility of war, but also about Hassan Nasrallah’s reaction to this public awareness campaign.”

He pointed out that “Nasrallah is believed to be an obsessive follower of the Israeli media and has often analyzed public sentiment in Israel in his speeches, and therefore such a campaign may be viewed as an opportunity to intensify the military conflict with Israel.”

The site added, “Nasrallah had already achieved a strategic victory in evacuating citizens from communities near the Lebanese border, but he also suffered heavy losses in the months of fighting, and his elite Radwan forces were pushed back about 5 kilometers from the border, and pressures inside Lebanon to avoid… the war”.

He pointed out, “The dilemma of the campaign has been haunting senior Israeli army officers since 2006, and even if the media focuses on the exact number of Hezbollah missiles, the prevailing opinion is that most people either do not know the facts or prefer to ignore them.”

The website said: “For example, Hezbollah can launch a number of rockets in one day, like what Hamas did on October 7, that is, 4,000 rockets.”

The website quoted an “Israeli” source as saying: “We must accelerate the campaign against Lebanon. Citizens need to know exactly what we are preparing for, not to panic, but to increase awareness, to prepare instead of procrastinating.”

He added: “This does not mean that a large-scale war will break out tomorrow, but defense is crucial because preparedness saves lives.”

The source stated, “The public accepts the guidelines and must act in the same way in the event of a full confrontation with Hezbollah.” (Arabic 21)

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