Dozens of thefts in Mount Lebanon… Who is involved?

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following statement:

Within the framework of the follow-up carried out by the Internal Security Forces to reduce crimes of various kinds on all Lebanese territories, and after many thefts occurred within the governorates of Mount Lebanon and the South, especially theft from commercial stores (Samana stores) in the Chouf, Aley, Jezzine and Matn regions, by Breaking and dislocation, or via borrowed keys.

Subsequently, the specialized units began their field procedures to uncover the perpetrator, and it became clear to them that during his operations he used various types of cars bearing false license plates, and moved around in them in a professional manner. Through intensifying inquiry efforts, the Information Division was able to determine his identity and place of residence in the locality of Ain al-Dalba – the southern suburb. He is called:

A. Dr.. (Born in 1989, Lebanese). He has a history of theft and forgery crimes.

Accordingly, orders were given to work on monitoring and tracking him in preparation for his arrest, after he disappeared from sight after carrying out a robbery in the Chouf on February 26, 2024.

After careful monitoring and monitoring, the division’s special force was able to arrest him, in a lightning operation, in the Ain al-Dalba locality, on a motorbike, which was seized.

During his interrogation, he admitted that he had carried out dozens of thefts, within the governorates of Mount Lebanon and the South, affecting “Samana shops”, including in the regions: Baakline, Baanqoun, Jezzine, Rum, and Al-Jahiliyya, using a borrowed key or by breaking and removing, and that he was targeting “Samana shops”. “After he rented cars and put fake plates on them, he traveled around the towns of the Chouf, Aley and Jezzine districts to carry out his thefts. He also admitted that he disposed of the stolen goods inside the Sabra camp.

The legal requirements were carried out against him, and the relevant reference was filed, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.

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