After the Achrafieh crime…an urgent clarification from the Syndicate of Owners of Domestic Workers Recruitment Offices

The Council of the Syndicate of Owners of Domestic Workers Recruitment Offices in Lebanon issued a statement to respond to the rumors surrounding the recent Achrafieh crime, which was attributed to a domestic worker.

The council’s statement stated the following:

“In response to what was published by the media and social networking sites yesterday about “Al-Sioufi’s horrific crime attributed to a domestic worker.”

The Syndicate Council would like to clarify the following:
1- There is no license for a company or institution in the recruitment sector called ATs office.

2- It may be a cleaning company or a fake company that employs workers in violation of the residency requirements.

3- A number of female workers who have left their jobs resort to working in cleaning companies or under fictitious names, and both cases are in violation of residency requirements.

4- Combating these cases requires legal prosecution by the competent authorities because their consequences are dire for society.

5- We ask all citizens, out of concern for their families and to avoid any risks that may result in theft or committing criminal acts, not to deal or communicate with those who work illegally.

6- We ask honorable citizens, when they request to recruit a domestic worker, to ensure that the office owner has a license from the Ministry of Labor in order to avoid falling into the prohibited in terms of losing their money or in terms of following up on the worker’s situation, and to avoid exploitation of brokers who work illegally and in violation of the conditions for recruiting workers. In domestic service.

The statement added: “We in the union council, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and the General Directorate of Public Security, will continue to pursue violators to reduce the negative effects on the recruitment sector and employers, as well as limit the exploitation of female workers through extensive networks in Lebanon and abroad that work to incite female workers to leave their place.” Their work and work in these companies is illegal.”


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