Bkerke document: He demanded something before its time

George Shaheen wrote in Al-Jumhuriya:

Those who are familiar with many of the details of the ongoing workshops in Bkerke, under its auspices and alongside it, had to refer to the work of the recent committee that was formed at the level of representatives of the leaders of the Christian parties and parliamentary blocs to research a “comprehensive” working paper prepared by the pastor of the Maronite Diocese of Antelias, Bishop Antoine Abi Negm. Who was charged with surveying the opinion of the Christian parties on general national issues and the way to confront them in light of the current circumstances before things developed and there were multiple initiatives led by international delegates and diplomatic bodies, most notably the members of the Arab and international quintet that was formed to help the Lebanese complete the constitutional entitlement to elect the President of the Republic, and what could be It should be accompanied by necessary measures to reconstitute authority and complete the building of constitutional institutions and authorities that lack procedural authority in the absence of a President of the Republic.

In addition to these positive reasons that place the committee in a place that is disproportionate to the extent of the positions and roles attributed to it, it has reached the point where it is considered tasked with writing a “historical paper” that defines the Christian constants of what is happening on the national and Christian arenas. This is because such constants exist and are respected to a great extent, especially by the church side, which Bkerke stressed on more than one occasion and deservedly, and they do not need a committee to interpret them or seek to generalize them or market them in the approved form in the popular political markets amidst the media hype.

Those who know the sincere call end up needing to wait for what might result from the committee’s work, as it is at the beginning of the road, and may need a series of meetings to approach the topics raised. It has also not pledged to present a “final document” before presenting it to a comprehensive national meeting in which Lebanese forces participate. Other different. Anyone who believes that the problems that Lebanon is suffering from will end when the committee sees them is committing a great and grave sin. No one believes that those gathered by the committee will admit that the approach to presidential entitlement means that it is a “Christian-Christian crisis.” Rather, it is a major national crisis that some have been able to link to regional and international issues with force majeure, especially with what is happening in Gaza and the region. He fears that anyone who believes otherwise may be “among those who demand something prematurely, and may be punished personally by depriving them or be a reason for others to be punished by depriving them.”

Sonia Rizk wrote in “Al-Diyar”: It was reported that the issue of the defense strategy was the primary reason for the absence of the “Marada” representative from the meeting, according to what sources close to their bloc reported, in order to prevent embarrassment, and the issue of exclusivity of weapons in the hands of the army was also raised, and Lebanon’s role was discussed. Its formulation, the danger to its existence, the restoration of Lebanese relations with the Arab countries, not turning it into a religious state, confronting all attempts to change its face, and the importance of preserving the Christian demographic and geographical presence, all of this led to the “Marada” movement not being encouraged to attend the meeting, because Franjieh was and will remain the candidate of the Shiite duo. Which he clings to and will not support anyone else.

In the meantime, and according to the leaked information, the upcoming meetings will discuss the issue of Lebanon’s neutrality, and not linking it to any burning arena, while seeking to implement Resolutions 1701 and 1559, which created an objection from the “Free Patriotic Movement”, especially regarding the last resolution, because it raises the sensitivity of the Shiite duo, while it was met with Acceptable to the other parties, but everything is still under discussion within the draft document, leading to placing it within a box presented to all partners in the country, Christians and Muslims, to come up with comprehensive national constants, because the dangers do not exist only on the Christian side, but in the Lebanese entity and the attempt to take it to Elsewhere.

Also, after Easter, the document will discuss the presidential file with all its axes and titles, starting with an attempt to put an end to the presidential vacuum as quickly as possible, and for the election to take place according to the constitution and not by tampering and imposing balances of power. The Syrian displacement file will also have a wide scope to reach a solution, in addition to other issues. An important joint venture, including the principle of national partnership, reactivating it and applying it on the ground, and trying to find solutions to the living and economic crises, in addition to not throwing Lebanon into war in dangerous circumstances that it is unable to bear its repercussions.


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