To avoid a government shutdown… Biden approves a $1.2 trillion financing package

US President Joe Biden on Saturday approved a package of spending bills worth $1.2 trillion after Congress passed the long-awaited legislation, ending the threat of a partial government shutdown.

The White House said that Biden signed the law at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, where he is spending the weekend.

The law was passed in the Senate by a vote of 75 yes to 24 no, after funding for the devices ended at midnight.

But the White House later sent a memo announcing that the Office of Management and Budget had halted preparations for the shutdown because there was a high degree of confidence that Congress would pass the legislation, and that the president would ratify it Saturday.

It took lawmakers six weeks for this year’s budget to reach a conclusion on government funding, a process blocked by conservatives.

The draft law includes the first package of full-year spending bills that finance the ministries of retirees’ affairs, agriculture, interior, and others. They were presented in Congress two weeks ago and passed hours before the end of funding for the agencies.

It also includes the second package, which funds the Ministries of Defense, Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, and other areas of general government.

By adding the two packages, the spending allocated for the year’s budget becomes about $1.66 trillion, and this does not include programs such as social insurance, health insurance, or financing the country’s debts. (Sky News)


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