Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of mobilizing its forces on the border between the two countries

Today, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense announced the recording of the deployment of artillery systems and other types of heavy weapons by the Armenian army on the border between the two countries..

The ministry’s statement said: “With the help of technical surveillance means and as a result of visual observation, it was found that units of the Armenian Armed Forces are, in various parts of the border, creating long-range firing points, building reinforced concrete fortifications, as well as placing artillery and other types of heavy weapons in these areas.” “Websites.”

The ministry added in its statement: “We once again declare that full responsibility for the aggravation of the situation and any possible provocation will fall entirely on the shoulders of Armenia and its sponsors.”“.

The Ministry stressed that any provocation that could be committed by the Armenian side “will be resolutely suppressed.”

( Russia Today)

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