Warm spring weather and temperatures above seasonal averages.. for how long?

Note: Average temperatures for the month of April in Beirut are between 15 and 24 degrees, in Tripoli between 13 and 23 degrees, and in Zahle between 9 and 22 degrees.

– Expected weather in Lebanon:

Today, Monday: Partly cloudy to cloudy at times, with high clouds and a rise in temperatures, as they become about 5 degrees above their average on the coast, with low humidity and the appearance of layers of dust in the air, leading to poor visibility at times, and winds are active at times, especially in the southern regions.

Tuesday: Clear to few clouds, with a limited drop on the coast and no noticeable change in temperatures in the mountains in the interior, and the humidity level remains low, with layers of dust continuing to form in the atmosphere.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy to partly cloudy with high clouds and a noticeable drop in temperatures, especially on the coast, which remain above their seasonal averages, with little change inland, and dust continues to appear in the air, and winds are active sometimes, especially in the northern regions. The humidity level rises starting in the evening. The weather turns foggy and visibility becomes poor at times.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with moderate clouds, with a further drop in temperatures and no significant change inland, with high humidity on the coast, creating foggy conditions and poor visibility.


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