Quietly… Israel is planning Independence Day celebrations

Israel will hold quiet celebrations without fireworks on the occasion of its 76th Independence Day, amid the ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza and the hostage crisis.

One of the organizers of the national party, which is run by Transportation and Road Safety Minister Miri Regev, revealed that the party will not include fireworks this year, noting that the steering committee is still deciding on other aspects of the event.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai also pointed out, in a statement, that “we cannot celebrate as usual on Independence Day as long as our hostages are not in their homes,” considering that “the State of Israel is going through one of its most difficult hours and this is not the time for celebrations and fireworks.” “It is time to focus on recovering the hostages and restoring calm and security to the south and north.”

Huldai confirmed that in Tel Aviv, there will be no fireworks and there will be fewer events, most of which will be concentrated within neighborhoods rather than large central gatherings.

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