The Teachers Union issues a new warning.. What did you ask for?

The Teachers Syndicate in Lebanon issued a statement today, Monday, in which it extended its congratulations and greetings to the Lebanese and Christians on the occasion of the Feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the Western calendar.

In its statement, the union hoped that this occasion would bring true hope for the birth of Lebanon, the return of constitutional life, the regular work of institutions, and an end to the collapse we are experiencing. It said: “Unfortunately, the holidays have come and retired professors have not received salary increases for the month of March, despite the protocol that we signed with the Union of Private Institutions, and despite Promises to respect it, because 500 private schools did not commit to making the first payment to the retirement fund. Hence, we demand that this tragedy be stopped and that private schools take the initiative to pay the second installment to the fund before April 15, in order to pay 6 additional salaries to retired professors as soon as possible, because what happened in the month of March is shameful, leaving 5,000 families to die of hunger, with a million and two million. One lira a month, and no one asks from private institutions.”

The union warned that the situation would continue as it is, hoping not to be drawn into a strike out of concern for the school year, asking the Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri to correct the mistake and include teachers’ laws in the first upcoming legislative session and approve them, in order to preserve the compensation fund that provides compensation. Thousands of teachers.

Also, the union said that Captain Mahfoud had visits to a number of representatives, putting them in the atmosphere of the disaster that threatens the compensation fund, the most recent of which today was to Representative Adeeb Abdel Masih, who promised to follow up on the laws with the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Elias Bou Saab, and those concerned to approve the laws, save the compensation fund, and secure regular increases for professors. Retirees.

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