France asks China to send clear signals to Russia regarding Ukraine

French Foreign Minister Stephane Ségornet expressed his hope that China will send clear signals to Russia to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and bring lasting peace to Europe.

Sigourney said during a joint conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse: “We expect China to send very clear signals to Russia, noting that the Europeans will not be safe if “there is no peace in accordance with international law.”

Sigourney stressed: “We are convinced that there will be no lasting peace if we do not reach an agreement with the Ukrainians.”

He added that China can play a “major role” in enforcing international law.

In February 2023, the Chinese authorities published a document regarding the settlement of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, which included 12 items, including a call for a ceasefire, respect for the legitimate interests of all countries in the security field, and a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. It confirmed on more than one occasion that it would provide everything necessary. For negotiations between Moscow and Kiev to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

An indication that Moscow has confirmed since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis its readiness to negotiate in order to reach a solution to the crisis, while Kiev refuses to start negotiations and has been seeking, since the beginning of the crisis, with Western support, to continue military operations.

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