A horrific family crime.. This is how Maria lost her life (video)

In the latest chapter of “honour” crimes, a Pakistani man suspected of taking a video recording of his brother while the latter strangled their sister to death was arrested, according to what the police announced.

It is believed that 22-year-old Maria Bibi was killed on the night of March 17 by her brother Faisal, in the presence of her father, Abdul Sattar, in an area located near the town of Toba Tek Singh in the Punjab province in the central eastern sector of the country.

A video recording taken by Shahbaz, Maria’s other brother, which was widely circulated, appears to show Faisal strangling the woman on a bed in the family home, with the father sitting nearby.

In one of the video clips, what appears to be Shahbaz’s voice can be heard saying, “Dad, tell him to leave her,” without any response, and the brother continued for more than two minutes to strangle his sister, who turned into a lifeless corpse.

After Faisal finished, his father gave him a bottle of water.

Ataullah, a Toba Tek Singh police official, said in a statement to Agence France-Presse over the phone: “The police found out on March 24 that the girl did not die from natural causes. We registered a case and became the plaintiff.”

Abdul Sattar and Faisal were arrested immediately, while Shahbaz was arrested last Saturday evening to determine the extent of his involvement in the crime, according to the official.

Atallah said that the killing bore all the hallmarks of an “honor” crime.

The video also shows Shahbaz’s wife, who was arrested.

The motives for the murder in which Maria Pepe was the victim have not yet been clarified.

Police said Faisal, the killer, was believed to have caught his sister making video calls to an unknown man on several occasions. (Arabic)

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