Will Hezbollah expand the war? A new report reveals

The “Worldcrunch” website published a new report on the current conflict between Lebanon and Israel, noting that the attack launched by the “Hamas” movement on Israel on the seventh of last October was a turning point in the Middle East.

The report he translated said “Lebanon 24” That attack launched a series of events throughout the region, most notably along the Lebanese-Israeli border, where Hezbollah and Israel exchange attacks on an almost daily basis, at the same time that Israel is busy continuing its bloody war on Gaza.

The report stated that “as the Israeli army expands its control over Gaza, it is intensifying its artillery and air attacks on southern Lebanon, leading to human casualties and the destruction of property in the border areas,” and added: “At the same time, Hezbollah continued its attacks on Israeli forces and bases.” Military.”

The report considered that “Hezbollah” does not seek to expand the war that was imposed on it, however, it also does not want to be placed on the sidelines, and added: “The party found itself between two complex options at a decisive historical moment: either it remains a spectator, which entails… At a high political cost with unpredictable direct and indirect repercussions, or engaging in war, with enormous material and human losses.”

The report also says that Hezbollah’s military behavior since last October 7 is consistent with the moderate statements made by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, especially with regard to expanding the scope of the war, and added: “Before the war in Gaza, Hezbollah spent years in Trying to avoid the complexity of the Israeli-Lebanese conflict, even if it is the main driving force in the maritime border demarcation negotiations between Lebanon and Israel. Likewise, Hezbollah has often sided with Iran’s rejection for years of the language of force adopted by Israel regarding the Iranian nuclear program.”

In this context, the report raised a basic question: “Is the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah escalating?” and added: “While Israel continues its war on Gaza, Lebanon finds itself caught up in daily attacks between Israel and Hezbollah. The Lebanese know that Israel has made its position clear, which leaves a big question mark for the regime in Tehran, which largely directs Hezbollah in its response to Israel.”

He continued: “If we looked at the matter from a purely moral perspective, we would say that what Hezbollah is doing is absolutely right, as it is the least that can be done to reject the genocide committed by Israel in Gaza. However, Hezbollah itself participated in one way or another in the Syrian war and contributed to it greatly.”

The report considered that the direct goal of Hezbollah’s actions is political, not moral, and added: “More precisely, this political goal is not exclusively related to the Palestinian issue, nor is it related to the strategic dimension of the Lebanese-Israeli conflict only, but is fundamentally linked to Iran’s regional agenda.” .

Translation of “Lebanon 24”


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