Fatah sent security men to northern Gaza under the pretext of securing aid

Hamas accused the Fatah movement of sending security officers to the northern Gaza Strip under the pretext of securing aid trucks.
A Palestinian Authority official denied this accusation made by the Ministry of Interior in Gaza.

What did Hamas say in its accusation?


A Hamas leader told Al-Aqsa TV that Majed Faraj, head of intelligence for the Palestinian Authority, is supervising the force’s mission.
Faraj said that six members of the force, which accompanied aid trucks that entered through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, were arrested and that police forces were pursuing the other members to arrest them.
The Ministry of Interior in Gaza said in a statement, “Several officers and soldiers affiliated with the General Intelligence Service in Ramallah infiltrated the northern Gaza area on an official mission under direct orders from Majid Faraj, with the aim of creating a state of confusion and chaos among the ranks of the home front, and with security from the Israeli Shin Bet Service and the Army.” The enemy, after an agreement between the two parties.”
The ministry added: “The security services in Gaza dealt with these elements, and ten of them were arrested, and the plan for which they came was thwarted. Anyone who dares to play in a square that only serves the occupation will be struck with an iron fist.”


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