The return of the people of Gaza to the north is the key to the settlement

The head of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, Dedi Barnia, called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make concessions and allow the return of Palestinians to the northern Gaza Strip in order to release the kidnapped people, according to Israeli Channel 13.

As part of the discussions that took place in recent days, Mossad Chief Dedi Barnea delivered a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that only a settlement by Israel and the return of Gazans to the northern Gaza Strip would lead to this. A breakthrough in negotiations to reach an agreement to release the hostages.

In turn, member of the War Council, Minister Gadi Eisenkot, said that he believes that Israel can be flexible on the issue of the return of the Palestinians to the north in order to reach an agreement.

An official involved in negotiations on the deal said the spirit was similar to the Mossad chief’s message: “Only if the prime minister allows flexibility on the issue of returning to the northern Gaza Strip will there be a breakthrough in the negotiations.” But Netanyahu has not made a decision yet.

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