Basil from Bkerke: Lebanon’s truth and message will continue

The head of the “Free Patriotic Movement,” MP Gebran Bassil, confirmed, after congratulating Patriarch Al-Rahi on the resurrection at the head of a delegation from the “movement,” that “our existence and our role lead to the resurrection.”

He said: “We came to the great edifice on this great day to live the Resurrection in its religious symbolism and in its national meaning, because when we believe that Christ rose, we have no right not to believe that Lebanon will rise.”

He pointed out that “we are ready for everything to defend our existence, as well as to tolerate and forgive, no matter how much harm or injustice we are exposed to,” adding: “We do not only respond to Bkerke’s call, but we also urge and seek to unify the position, because nothing is precious compared to our presence and our role, and this is the least of our duties in light of a crisis.” Existentialism.”

When Bassil referred to Bkerke’s call in 2000 in light of a fateful stage, he stressed that “in light of the current existential crisis, it is least possible for a national document to be issued by Bkerke as a beginning, and it must be followed up by seeking a plan to achieve it with actions to perpetuate our existence and our mission,” pointing out that “this is an open invitation.” And it is permanent, no matter how much we are exposed to it.”

He concluded by stressing that “our position will prevail” and that “the truth will emerge in the end and the truth of Lebanon and its message will continue.”


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