Netanyahu is betting on Cairo and Washington.. Will negotiations save him?

Sky News Arabia wrote:

In Cairo, an Israeli delegation consisting of representatives of the Shin Bet, the Israeli army, and the Mossad arrives today. To hold talks with Egyptian intelligence in an attempt to break the deadlock in the negotiations regarding the prisoner and detainee exchange deal, as Netanyahu met with the heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet intelligence services, where his office revealed after the meeting that the Israeli Prime Minister had agreed to hold new talks in order to release the detainees as part of a possible agreement. A ceasefire and a truce in Gaza.

For its part, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that the mediators are interested in presenting a new plan to the parties in order to make this round a success. Despite the new round of negotiations, a number of detainees’ families called on Netanyahu to resign because of his handling of the negotiations to release detainees in Gaza, accusing him of deliberately sabotaging the talks for his own political purposes, according to the Times of Israel.

In Washington, high-level talks are being held between American and Israeli officials to discuss arrangements for the military operation that Israel intends to implement in Rafah.
The talks scheduled for Monday come after Netanyahu suddenly canceled the talks that were scheduled to take place a few days ago, after the United States refrained from obstructing a Security Council resolution that called for a ceasefire in Gaza, which sparked a clear disagreement with US President Joe Biden and his administration.

American and Israeli officials said on Wednesday that Netanyahu’s office informed the White House that it wanted to set another date for a canceled meeting to discuss the possible attack on the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, amid a tense climate between the two countries.

For his part, the analyst specializing in Israeli affairs, Ghassan Muhammad, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia” website, considered that the Cairo negotiations are a new attempt to get out of the dead-end tunnel in everything related to the prisoner exchange deal, and a continuation of the previous negotiations, although there is still no data. It indicates the possibility of reaching an agreement between the two sides.

Ghassan said, however, that several developments must be taken into account that may contribute to bringing the solution closer or at least overcoming some of the points of disagreement that still exist between the two parties, including:

First: The crisis between the Biden administration and Netanyahu, which worsened further after Washington abstained from voting in the Security Council on the ceasefire resolution.

Second: Netanyahu retracted his decision to cancel the visit of an Israeli delegation to Washington and announced that the delegation would head to the United States to discuss the situation, especially the Rafah operation and the prisoner deal.

Third: Threatening the families of Israeli prisoners to escalate to demand an agreement to return the detainees, whatever the cost.

Fourth: Disagreements within the “war cabinet,” as some of its members support the deal no matter the price.

The analyst specializing in Israeli affairs stated that Netanyahu is trying to exploit the time factor. Hoping to achieve gains or achievements that will allow him to agree to a deal with the least possible losses.

He added: “Netanyahu knows that his political fate has been decided regardless of the results of the Cairo and Washington negotiations, especially since he has become more besieged internally and externally and is now between the jaws of pincers, and he has no options or cards that allow him to continue procrastinating and maneuvering, but he hopes to Obtaining guarantees that guarantee his political and personal future; Because he knows that ending the war means resuming his trial.”

For his part, the expert specializing in international relations, Ayman Samir, in his statements to Sky News Arabia, believes that there are a number of moves that reveal that Tel Aviv has become open to offering a kind of “flexibility” that could constitute the beginning of a new deal between Hamas. And Israel in the coming days.

“Samir” pointed out that with the visit of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to Washington, and the US administration setting Monday as the date for the start of talks between Israel and the United States regarding the Rafah operation, major changes appeared in the Israeli position on a number of issues, including the acceptance not to occupy the Gaza Strip, as it was Israel previously talked about occupying Gaza, whether temporarily or permanently, but after about 6 months had passed since it was confirmed that this was impossible, and that the only option available to it was to protect its residents in the Gaza Strip. (Sky News Arabia)


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