Berri congratulates Easter: Let us know the truth… because the truth sets us free

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri extended congratulations from the Lebanese in general and Christians in particular, on the occasion of the glorious Easter.

Berri said: “Between two times, history repeats itself, “Palestine,” and the Path of Pain is the same…it does not end…paved with sorrows, pains, and sins, and with the blood of the martyrs, and with eyes to heaven, and the sound and echo from among the rubble of the Baptistery in Gaza. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do, and if they share His garments.” Vote for it.”

He added: “Because Easter represents the day of redemption and all the symbols of hope, resurrection, and hope that behind every torment and suffering there is certain salvation. We are invited to contemplate and imitate all the meanings represented by this glorious occasion and other blessed heavenly occasions that have converged and integrated this year to confirm beyond any room for those who play the strings of division.” Sectarianism and confessional belief that religions were for the sake of human dignity. On Easter, as in the blessed Nights of Destiny, we are called to contemplate and learn from the forgiveness of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) by staying away from sin and doubting. Only by doing this will we reach the foundation for the resurrection of man and nations through faith, love, honesty, and sacrifice. God’s love is not equal to “Human hatred.”

Berri concluded: “To the steadfast and resistant in the villages and towns of the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine… to Jerusalem… and Bethlehem… and the Church of the Resurrection in Gaza and its bloody face, to its children walking on the path of Calvary, there in all those places the truth and the truth shine: ‘Let us know the truth, for the truth will set us free.’”

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